September 29, 2014

Think I'm kidding about iTunes trying to drive me crazy? I just checked and there are 19 Joan Baez songs that it has played more than a dozen times. Her biggest winner is a tie between the chart-topper You Ain't Goin' Nowhere and the groundbreaking classic I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine, at 36 plays apiece. And Jeanne wonders why I get grumpy sometimes.

Meanwhile, it has never played CS&N's Wooden Ships. It has never played the Eagles' Hotel California. Ditto Cat Steven's Peace Train, Chicago's Saturday in the Park, JT's Sweet Baby James, the Mamas and Papas' Monday, Monday, and Judy Collins' The Blizzard.

It has, however, played Judy Collins' annoying Amazing Grace 29 times.

I invite you to check with Friend Tom, who can confirm that iTunes is the work of the Antenna People.

Postscript: I forced iTunes to play the overlooked stuff. Right now it's playing the Beatles' Wait from Rubber Soul. Hell of a band.

September 29, 2014

We tried hard to save it, but it didn't work out.

September 29, 2014

Just before we began construction, the contractor asked for the key to the house. He asked if it was okay to make duplicates and put a lock box on the house. I said, "sure." Looking back, I'm not sure it was necessary.

September 29, 2014

Re the two celebrity couples below, could a big difference be that one is happy, confident, and outward-directed, while the other is angry, insecure, and self-absorbed?


September 28, 2014

I need a small painting or print or photo or something to put on the wall above our wine rack, which stands on the floor. I wasted a bunch of time yesterday and today looking online for something that suggested wine and wasn't too expensive. These days, what with the Internets and all, you can buy original art through a bunch of sources. Even Amazon.

Anyway, I ended up with nothing. I decided that I liked my own stuff better. For example, I like this:
It's from a little bodega in Spain.
And I like this one, featuring a friend of mine:
That one's from a posh restaurant in San Somethingorother in Spain.

I think I'll print one of them out, slap it in a frame, and stick it on the wall. Mission Accomplished.

September 28, 2014
Inspired by a comparison made by mi esposa. You got this couple:

and you got this couple (photo posted online by Mrs. Yeezus herself):

I'm just sayin'.
September 26, 2014

A C5 Galaxy flew over the house tonight. And last night.

We're not under a flight path, but when the wind is from a certain direction, military aircraft fly over our heads. I figure the transports are moving materiel to the ISIL thing. There are a lot of bases and depots in San Antonio. Bombs and missiles have to come from somewhere.

For some things, San Antonio is favored because it's far from the coasts and low-profile in the public mind. That may be why the CIA's principal weapons depot is just south of us. It might be why the cyber-security command is headquartered in SA instead of Palo Alto.

September 26, 2014

It has begun. This is our former bedroom and our future wine bar and keeping room, whatever that is. Note the very excellent 2x4 ceiling joists with 1x4s for attaching the former acoustic ceiling. We'll be replacing those.