Listen up, folks.
August 2, 2021

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You so funny

CNN's chubby, nerdy Brian Stelter is getting to be one of my favorites. This morning he was complaining about Donald Trump complaining about actor Brandon Victor Dixon complaining to Mike Pence about LGBT rights during the Hamilton curtain call.

Pence has said that he wasn't offended by the message and would let others decide whether it was an appropriate venue for the remarks. I can decide that: it was the wrong place and time, an impolite stunt that deliberately put the vice-president-elect on the spot in front of a mostly hostile crowd. You can say it privately, you can write a letter to the man, you can go on television and air your views and concerns, but when you have the stage and the microphone and you use them to single out an audience member sitting with family—that's just plain rude.

Anyway, so, Donald Trump blurted one of his trademark stupid tweets in response, provoking Dixon to somehow weirdly assert that he was having a "conversation" with Pence, and there's nothing wrong with that. We are so nuts.

This morning my man Brian Stelter topped it all. He asserted, with a straight face, that "I read something like that, Donald Trump saying, 'This should not happen,' and I think that has a chilling effect for artistic expression. After all, these performers were up on stage, they were performing art, even when they were speaking to the vice president-elect."

Really? That was art? And Trump's Twitter account is chilling artistic expression? Feels like a stretch to me. Okay, I guess I should consider this: Stelter, who complains loudly about Trump not giving the press enough access, opened his show by saying, "the president-elect is [having meetings with possible cabinet members] publicly, at his resort in New Jersey, putting on a show for the cameras." So when Trump doesn't let the press tag along, it's unacceptable, and when he does let the press tag along, it's putting on a show for the cameras. Brian, how about a cold compress and a nice nap? Close your eyes and mull over how holding meetings at Trump National Golf Club is some sort of public spectacle, given that they wouldn't let you past the front gate. It's a private club, bub. The camera is there because the press insists on having a camera there, pointing at a closed front door, telling the public absolutely nothing.

I've said it all along: Trump is an awful person and will likely be an awful president; that's no reason for the rest of us to abandon reason and perspective. Treat the man fairly; the truth is bad enough.